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The Land Hub For Your New Home

Have you made a lot/land selection for your new home project?

Still undecided?

There are numerous factors you'll want to consider in order to make the best land choice.

Following are several questions to ask yourself in either case. Remember, planning ahead can save you much time and energy, not to mention sparing you many headaches.

Looking For Land

You can begin the process of land selection by asking yourself questions pertaining to the lifestyle you envision in your new home. Of course, costs are also important, as well as numerous other factors.

Finding land for your dream green home can be an adventure!

The more you can think and plan ahead, the less likely you will be to make a purchase you may later feel was impulsive.
Time spent nailing down your wish- list now will pay rich dividends for years to come!

lot/land selection

Land/Lot Selection considerations
involve the following:



Do you envision a quiet, relaxed lifestyle in your new home?
Or would you rather be in the middle of the action?

What and who will be around you?
Ask these lifestyle questions to help with your lot/land selection process.

Financial Impact

How does your proposed building project mesh with your current financial income and savings?

Do you plan to buy the lot outright and pay a monthly mortgage on the home only?

Will you build as you are able to pay for it? (Pay-as-you-go)

Or will you likely be paying for both the land and the house over time?

The financial impact questionnaire will help you get started on your personalized list of factors for consideration.


Many decisions for your project will need to be made depending on access (or lack of it) to your property.

The answer to each question will also help you determine your financial impact, and if building on this particular lot may be practical for you.

Check out these property access factors for your future build.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors include both physical and cultural considerations.

Take some time to determine the culture, or atmosphere in which you desire to live. What would be intolerable for you? What are your absolute requirements?

Consult this environmental factors checklist for further review of this topic.

Solar Energy Considerations

If you hope to build either an active or a passive solar house, how is the site oriented to the sun?

Must your house face a particular direction because of a subdivision? If so, can you take advantage of the sun's free source of warmth?

Regulations and Restrictions

You'll want to be aware of any government or private regulations regarding the lot/land selection you are considering.

Be sure you can answer the following questions related to regulations and restrictions before you purchase the land for your new home.

These questions will give you plenty of food for thought, and also may trigger other considerations that may not have occurred to you.

Enjoy looking for that perfect plot of land on which to build your beautiful green home!

* For scores of pages on home planning, foundation choices, siding, roofing, framing and flooring for your dream home, see the table of contents located at the bottom of the home page!

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