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Metallic Roof on SIPS home

Metal roof products are no longer just for the farm buildings in the country anymore.

In my area of the country, there is a nice mixture of old and new, commercial and residential metal roofing.

There's the old country store with their freshly repainted red roof (looks great)! Then there are some smaller, older, residential homes with metal tops.

A church with a picnic area also sports this product in a lovely shade of maroon. There are also numerous commercial buildings that have opted for a metallic top, including a bank, the post office, library, and various retail outlets. Matching color in one shopping/bank/postal area ties the buildings together so that it looks like a small village. This area employs standing seam metal type roofing.

Metal product may come in sheets or shingles, and may be made of steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, or an alloy for improved function.

Copper material is often seen on Colonial-style houses covering a bay window area. It may also be found on covered entrances. Copper can be expensive, but never needs painting. It weathers to a green tint.

Sheet metal comes in either standing seam or lap joint styles. Features and composition vary according to manufacturer. The lap joint roofing type tends to be less expensive.


Metal is a durable, fire resistant product that has numerous benefits for residential building. Check out more pros and cons here.

With so much variety and choice available, you can probably find the product that fits both your design and your budget. Enjoy the search!

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