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Want even more basement remodeling ideas?

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Here are some super helpful hints to make your project go more smoothy - and save money over the long term as well.

Choosing The Best Bidder

It's always wise to get at least a few estimates for the job you're going to hire out. You will want a level of comfort with the person in charge of such a big project. Communication is a vital element to getting the finished look as you picture it, so focus on this from the beginning. If you have trouble relating to the contractor, expect this to only worsen as time goes by and stress builds.

A flexible contractor should be more than willing to advise you to your options upfront, and also to keep you abreast of any changes that come up as the project moves towards completion. Be sure to ask him upfront how flexible he is towards any possible change or revision of plans. Some may charge you something called a "change order" - even for minor changes - and that can add up in a hurry. On the other hand, you need to have some way of dealing with changes so that work can progress at a steady clip and you can have your new space to live in.

Keep in mind that your basement remodelers may uncover potential problems you didn't know existed before they got into the project - so set aside some extra funds in case of these unforeseen circumstances.

Also remember that the lowest bidder is not necessarily the best choice for the job! If you decide to pay strictly in cash, you may have no legal recourse if serious problems show up down the road. So opt for the contractor that you deem will provide you the best value and one who will stand behind the work he does for you.

Energy Efficient Basement Remodeling Tips

It's a great idea to consider energy efficiency - regardless of where you do your remodeling. This, too, can increase the value of your home. Savings on electricity, water and gas can also help offset some of the costs of remodeling, and create a more comfortable living area as well as a great return on investment. Consider simple measures such as Water Saver shower heads or faucets, long life light bulbs, or low flow toilets.

Bigger options might include a programmable thermostat on a high efficiency furnace, energy efficient windows, or even newer energy star appliances.

Local or federal government often has various programs offering rebates for homeowners for energy efficient renovations they undertake. Be sure to ask locally or Google for more information.

The time to decide this is before you begin - and the least expensive time to implement is during the remodeling itself. Saving green - and living green is in - so make the best decisions for YOUR space with the help of these first class basement remodeling tips.

Live Green. Save Green. Dream Green.

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