More Small Basement Ideas

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Small Basement Studio

From an art room, to a therapy or tutoring studio, your basement room can become a place for you to exercise your passion or your calling, and to make a difference in both the world as well as your wallet.

Here are some ideas:

* Create plenty of working space with a large flat table for a desk.

* Use organizers to keep from piling books and papers on your flat surfaces.

* Consider a rolling cart with drawers to keep extra papers, supplies and materials.

* A narrow, vertical bookshelf works well for a room like this.

* Light paint on the walls plus bright lighting will make this space a good one in which to work.

Tiny Basement Bathroom

I have one of these! Here's how to make it pop!

* Purchase a simple, clean white sink with included mirror above and storage beneath. This keeps toiletries out of the way and gives guests a place to make sure they are presentable before leaving the room.

* Put the commode towards the back of the bath and out of the way if possible.

* Use light paint for the walls and white for the ceiling.

* Use a simple small hook rod, or basket for the towel.

* Consider a toilet roll holder that attaches to the tank

* Splurge a bit on your flooring to give your tiny bathroom character.
For instance, I decided to purchase well aired out vinyl flooring that looks like slate stone. It gives the bath an earthy yet royal feel, and ties together the paint with the flooring.

Limited Laundry Space

Limited Laundry Space? Don't worry! Here's what you can do if your room is barely big enough for your washer, dryer and you to occupy at the same time! More small basement ideas will cover your lingering laundry as well.

* consider a washer and dryer combo where one is on top of the other.

* If that isn't feasible, put the washer and dryer right next to each other, and use a wire basket or other storage container to hole your laundry detergent and other necessities on top of your dryer's flat surface.

* Purchase a 3 section, rolling laundry cart to store your clothing in until time to wash. You can divide these into Whites (hot water), cold-water wash and warm wash.

* Consider a drop down ironing board that fits into the wall so you're not tripping over it and knocking the iron over on your toes!

Small Basement Flooring Ideas

You have many options here. The laundry room and bath are great places for natural linoleum (often called Marmoleum) or well aired-out vinyl (if there is no smell remaining).

For the remainder of the basement, you might opt for carpet squares (we use these - and they are not even glued down, so the flooring can be changed easily by the next owner if desired!), painted cement, wood laminate, or perhaps carpet if your basement is dry. See more ideas on the flooring types page.

You'll get even more small basement ideas from searching online, watching channels like hgtv and home improvement shows, and scanning your local Lowe's or Home Depot Home improvement stores for ideas.

Enjoy remodeling your small basement into a place you will use and appreciate!

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