Natural Carpet

Natural carpet is all the rage in our green-conscious world these days. But what do they mean by "natural"? And how do you really know it is healthy for you and your family?

Natural vs.Generic Carpet

Carpeting has been around for decades. So have the health problems associated with it. The problem is, many of us have been unaware of them for a long, long time.

You've likely been hearing more about indoor air quality (or IAQ). Two of the most toxic components of the homes we live in are carpeting and cabinetry.

Much of the cabinetry manufactured today uses a formaldehyde based glue, and out gases formaldehyde for years. It is a known cancer causing agent. Although this is quite dangerous, at least we have pinpointed the toxic gas responsible for numerous health problems.

Such is not the case with carpeting. John Bower, in his book entitled: "The Healthy House", offers quite a treatise on the dead mice and politics associated with carpet out gassing.

According to Anderson Laboratories, which has been studying the effects of Indoor Air Quality for decades, numerous studies have stated that over 200 chemicals are present in the gas mixture given off by new carpets. Physical symptoms are many - ranging from itchy eyes to breathing problems, to depression, and on and on and on.

For a real eye-opening experience, Google Anderson Laboratories for a brief summary of results and availability of videos and other resources for further education on this subject. There are many reasons to choose natural carpeting.

Green and Recycled Carpet

natural carpet,green carpet,recycled green carpet

More and more, items are being labeled as "green" and carpeting is no exception. What we must be aware of is that numerous companies practice what some call "greenwashing."

Greenwashing is manipulating certain characteristics of a product or system to make it appear to be green. But there are certain caution flags you need to be watching out for. Read the above link for more info.

Recycled and green label carpet may have some green characteristics, but is it healthy for you?

This may be your bottom line deciding factor. After all, what good is new carpeting (whether recycled or not) if you lose your health and can't enjoy it?

See what is green for more information on the all-encompassing (easy!) definition of "GREEN".

Types of Natural Carpets

There are many natural fiber carpets which are becoming more popular for their non toxic properties. Among them are:

  • Wool Carpet (Karastan is a top brand)

  • Sisal Carpet

  • Seagrass Carpet

  • Coir

  • Jute

    For a more in-depth look at these types of natural carpets, please click here.

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