Natural Cleaning Recipes:
DIY to Save Money and Kiss Chemicals Goodbye!

Eco friendly living and natural cleaning recipes go hand in hand. Even supermarkets and supercenters are getting in on the trend – many people prefer non-toxic cleaners for their homes and businesses. Even minor changes can add up to big benefits for families, communities and the environment.

Standard cleaning products are toxic – to your family and to the environment. So instead of running to the store and buying more chemicals and other hazardous ingredients, just waltz to your cupboards and snag a few of the following items to make your own natural cleaning recipes:

• Salt
• Vinegar
• Lemon juice
• Baking Soda
• Cream of Tarter
• Tea Tree Oils
• Spray Bottles
• Glass Jars
• Aluminum pans

Believe it or not, any of these things can be used to make your home both clean and green – preserving your health In the process. While it might seem a little strange to use food to clean your abode, hang with me a few minutes, and read about how this is not only possible, but also completely doable!

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Take about 2 tsp of white vinegar and add it to a spray bottle with about a quart of water. This is your new window cleaner. Wipe the windows using a newspaper. Now simply recycle the newspaper, and you’ve just “gone green” in an easy way. And, your windows will look better than if you had doused them with stinky Windex.


Often a dreaded kitchen task, oven cleaning with horrible fumes and noxious chemicals found in typical oven cleaners are dangerous for your family and harmful to the surrounding environment.

What’s the solution?

Spray your oven until it is damp. Being careful to avoid wires and heating elements sprinkle a bit of baking soda onto your dirty oven areas and leave on overnight. The following morning, grease and stubborn stains should wipe away with minimal effort. Any leftover stains may be removed with “elbow grease” and additional dampened baking soda.

Furniture Polish

What can be done to maintain the beauty of your wood without adding toxic chemicals to the air in your home? Simply polish your home’s furniture with the following green cleaning mixture:

2 c. vinegar
1-2 tsp olive oil

Mix together. (you can adjust the quantities to your liking if preferred)

Now wet the edge of a household rag or towel, and gently wipe your furniture with it. The smooth olive oil will not only polish, but also preserve your wood and leave it looking beautiful.

Be sure to check out more clean green ideas for bathrooms and more on this green cleaning products page!

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