Non Toxic Household Cleaning

Green Cleaning At Its Best!
When you hear about non toxic household cleaning,you might think about baking soda paste (for gentle scrubbing) or perhaps a vinegar solution for your floors.

Yet, many people find some of the simple recipes for green cleaners lacking a bit in the industrial strength category.

So, do you need bleach to maintain a sanitary home? In my opinion, absolutely not!

So where can you find non toxic cleaning products that work well but are also safe for YOU and the environment?

Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Almost anywhere you look today, you will find "green" and citrus based cleaners. But just because it has "green" on the label, does that make it non toxic?

We have to be aware of greenwashing - that common practice of claiming a product is "green", simply to rake in a higher share of profits.

We've still got to read labels, folks! If there are numerous words you can't pronounce, chances are, there is some kind of "chemical contamination" going on inside the product that can contaminate your house and body once it gets outside the container!

So where to go for truly non toxic household cleaning products?

Sometimes, you have to look no farther than some old fashioned products that are still manufactured today. Or, if you wish, you can create your own from scratch.

In our busy world today though, many people prefer to pick up a bottle of "ready to use" solution that will make their cleaning tasks easier.

Mrs. Meyers Non Toxic Cleaning Products

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Have you heard of Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products? When you look at the label, you're likely to think back to a time when life was simpler - and a whole lot safer, too.

There are some excellent Eco-Friendly Products for a Green Home from the good folks at

You really can be clean and green at the same time!

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