Radon Mitigation System

Do you need a radon mitigation system?

If you have had a home inspection and your house exceeds the government threshold for radon gas in your air, or if you have purchased your own radon gas detector

and have discovered an alarming result, you may be wondering about a radon mitigation system.

A system we're talking about is one that can remove radon from the air in your home after you have discovered it is already present. High levels can lead to illness or death, so this should not be optional once you discover a problem.

Some of the newer homes have radon mitigating systems installed when they are built, and the homeowner has only to hook it up for the gas removing air flow to take place. If you have a newer home, check to see if you might already have a system ready to go.

If not, you would need to have a system retrofitted - meaning, added after the house is already built, and you have already discovered a problem, in most cases. (It can also be installed as insurance for any potential problems in the future.)

Radon Mitigation Options

What are your options once you discover you need a radon mitigation system?

One of your best recommendations may come from your local trusted home inspector. Since home inspectors often have radon certifications (ask yours to be sure), he can often point you to who he knows locally that can retrofit a system for your home.

He may also be able to give you pros and cons of varying systems.

Be aware the cost may vary greatly - both for the system and for the labor to install it. So ask a lot of questions wherever you may look.

You may also opt to shop online to research various systems and what they claim and warranty as far as radon gas removal.

Of course, you will want to do post-radon mitigation testing - to be sure the unit is doing its job. That's why it is important to ask about any type of warranty on the system you are offered.

You may be able to find a better option online when it comes to price. But keep this in mind: check the warranty, the cost to ship, and how you will install it. You may find a local company who is willing to install what you purchased elsewhere, but perhaps not. So do some asking and planning before you pull out your wallet to purchase.

Turbocharge Your Decision Making!

All in all though, getting a fast remedy to this problem is of the essence - people die every day from lung cancer and other issues related to excessive radon gas exposure. So set a short time limit for making your best decision and then go for it!

The lives of your family members are too precious to waste on a long term decision process when choosing a radon mitigation system.

Research your options, get a second or third opinion if you can, and then take action! It could very well be that a radon mitigation system is critical to your future health.

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