Residential HVAC Systems:
Hints for Homeowners

All residential HVAC systems are not created equal. Here's what to check out when purchasing a unit or units for your home.

Look for the SEER rating on the unit(s) you are considering. The higher the SEER rating, the better the efficiency of the heat pump.

Be aware that many contractors, particularly in "spec" homes, will purchase contractor grade heat pumps - in other words, lower SEER, lower efficiency = higher electricity bills for you.

One of my sons is a heating and air technician, and he believes that Trane and Heil are two of the best brands of heat pumps.

He also advises that you hire a reputable company to install and service your equipment. "You get what you pay for", he says. Companies that undercut a typical labor charge by a great deal, may skimp on critical details vital to the life of your heat pump.

One way some companies "cheat" is by neglecting to vacuum the system during installation to prevent future problems caused by debris in the system. Debris can tremendously shorten the life of your unit. Anything from a drop of water to copper shavings can stop up your system. In such a case, your new residential hvac system may only last you 5 years or less!

Take care to maintain your system. Be sure to keep the area around the heat pump free from debris. Also keep your ducts clean, and change your filters regularly. This will keep your unit running at peak efficiency.

Super Savings With HVAC Heat Pumps

Your framing and insulation will have a huge effect on the size and cost of heat pump conditioned air in your home. If you choose to build a home using insulated concrete forms , your electric bill may be as low as $25/month for a home of over 2000 square feet!

If you insulate your walls, floor and attic areas with plenty of high R-value insulation, you will also save substantially on your bills.

In addition, planning a passive solar home from the beginning, as well as employing an energy efficient home design , can make a huge difference between ever rising electricity costs, and minimal energy usage.

Month after month savings on energy costs puts more money in your pocket for other things!

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