Roof Overhangs:
Why Bother?

You may have noticed, as I have, that roof overhangs are not as popular as they once were. Ever wonder why this is?

I haven't seen many on new houses, particularly in the "spec" housing built in this area. (Spec stands for 'speculative', or houses that builders erect in hopes of finding a purchaser in the near future).

So why aren't they so popular anymore?

Do they just "look pretty" but add substantially to the cost of the home?

Let's take a look at some compelling reasons to include roof overhangs on your project.


A well-sloped roof with overhangs is a wise choice for most homes (particularly healthy ones). These "extended eaves" serve several purposes in the

energy-efficient home:

    ~ They offer shelter during bad weather to anyone outdoors waiting to get in

    ~ They protect doors and windows from harsh weather, prolonging their useful life (this can be a big money saver that many people never consider)

    ~ Overhangs protect the foundation and home walls from excess water and subsequent water damage by redirecting water runoff away from the structure

    ~ Attached eaves spouting can corral excess water and safely deposit it into the ground (diverted from the foundation)

    ~ They can be individually tailored to your site and your home's orientation to the sun.

Overhangs can provide cooling shade in the summer heat in many more places than just the front porch.
Tailoring your overhangs according to the sun's angle in your area will also allow the winter solar heat to warm your house in the cold months.

Besides the obvious beauty of roof overhangs, your well-thought-out choices will save you money and hassles.

You might think of them as an energy-efficient supplement that doesn't cost much in comparison to the benefits you receive.

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