Roof Tile: Clay and Concrete

There is such an astounding array of roof tile available today - it is truly mind-boggling. Two of the most popular are clay and concrete.

In addition to brand new products, you may find numerous clay tile that has been recycled or salvaged from other projects.

So what about these choices for your new green home?

Clay Roof Tile

You might think of clay as a kind of "fried mud". Most of us are familiar with it's texture. Often reddish in color, it is similar to the consistency of PlayDough, and can be baked to hold its shape.

Many homes in warm climates have an adobe-style roof, or clay roofing tiles in a terra-cotta color.

Today's market holds an incredible variety of styles and shades of natural clay.

roof tile

Some companies offer recycled clay tiles. There may even be an offering of salvaged tiles in numerous styles.

English, French, and Spanish architectural style tiles are widely available.

You may find numerous types of tiles as well, including interlocking, flat, slab or plain clay.

Clay tiles come in colorful combinations in many markets, and you can even mix and match your own creative design!

Because of the wide variety of tiling choices, you may well find something that fits your budget. Also, clay and concrete roofing tiles do not
pollute or out gas and are long-lasting and beautiful.

Concrete Roofing

Concrete roof tile is becoming more popular for numerous reasons. Among them are its durability, cost savings
(over stone or slate), and beauty.

There are so many choices with concrete tiles, including color, design, and even weight!

Just as with some clay tile manufacturers, colorful cement roofing can be designed (by you or your architect) in any number of fascinating creations.

The wide variety of styles, architectural designs, and types assure a large price range as well. Do some comparison shopping and be sure to investigate local vendors. What you save in shipping costs may more than make up for any difference in cost.

To Keep in Mind

If you do decide to choose a concrete or clay roof, be sure your installers are experienced with the product. Ask the company or your builder for recommendations, and be sure you are pleased with the selection.

Also, keep in mind that care must be taken when walking on roofing tiles - if too much weight is put in the wrong place, they can be broken. Your tile should come with clear precautions and instructions on how to avoid breakage.

Enjoy your design and dream process for your green home roof!

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