by Julie
(Bedford, VA)

Don't forget to turn thermostat on water heater down (I think to 125). We bought a timer & hooked it up to the water heater so that it is off during non-peak times. Ours has capability for 2 sets of times - saves!

If you have multiple freezers, see if it will all fit in 1 or 2 (and if a 2nd one is needed - try a smaller newer one - it will be more efficient).

Florescent lighting is supposed to be cheaper. Guess the Electric Company found out & that's why the prices went up again... Personally, I like the regular bulbs. Even though I outfitted my entire house w/florescent, I'm starting to use regular bulbs occasionally (they are better for you). Oh. I get SAD in winter, so I use Daylight bulbs whenever/wherever possible.

Caulking around windows & doors before winter, using rugs/towels @ base of doors always helps.

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Mar 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

Now there's a few things I hadn't thought of!

Thanks for the tips - now to figure out how to set that hot water heater timer.... :)

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