Site Selection:
Environmental Factors

Site selection environmental factors are critical issues to address when making a decision on where you will purchase your land.

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These factors fall into two categories:

Physical Factors

~ Is there bedrock or subsurface stone beneath the soil?

Will blasting be required before your foundation can be built?

~ What about water?
Is it located in a flood zone?
Does the site drain well?
What about the water table on the land?

~ Will electricity be routed underground or by overhead wires?
What about the EMFs? (electromagnetic fields)
Are there high-voltage lines on the property or nearby?

~ Is the property near Railroad tracks?

The previous owner of a home downplayed the frequency of trains passing directly behind the house. After buying the home we found out how much he minimized the problem. I slept through the night a total of 2 times in two years: on Christmas Eve.

~ Are there any power stations nearby?

~ Environmental hazards?
Any factories, dumps, bus stations, airports, apartment complexes?
Think through any scenarios in which you would feel uncomfortable.
Scout out the area closely.

~ Air Quality:
Do you smell any peculiar odors?
Is there noticeable pollution in the area such as smoke, soot,
dust, pesticides?

~ What about trees? Will many need to be removed to build?
Do you wish to protect them from being destroyed?
Seriously consider consulting with an arborist to give you guidance on preservation, protection and disease prevention.

~ Is this in an area know for a radon problem?
See this

page on radon gas for more information.

~ What is the soil like?
Will it compact sufficiently to support the home? A soils engineer can answer all questions related to your ground's ability to support a home.

Cultural Factors

These factors include the demographics of your area, the possible presence of any prisons, apartment complexes, crime statistics, sex offenders, drug traffickers, etc.

Each of these factors will determine resale value as well. Your due diligence in research before your site selection may garner you a safer,
more valuable piece of property. Enjoy your search!

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