Small Basement Ideas

Do you need small basement ideas? Are you wondering if your basement is worth remodeling because of its limited square footage?

Actually, there are advantages to having a small basement - not the least of which is that it will likely cost less to remodel than a bigger area!

There are hints, though, to making even a small basement look bigger, so let's dive in and see what you can imagine for your future miniature getaway.

I myself had to envision and then make plans to implement small basement ideas, because my current home is rather small and cozy. So I know what I'm talking about! Here are some ideas that can make your small basement big in terms of functionality.

Room Stretchers

Do you have a basement bedroom that seems tiny? Here's what you can do to make it more spacious.

* Paint the walls in light colors (mine is pale yellow) to make the room appear larger. A white ceiling with good lighting is best

* Get a combo bunk bed and futon so your teen can both sleep and hang out with friends in the same space.

* Purchase a dresser that is higher vertically than horizontally. This will take up less wall space than the wider variety.

* Build shelves into the closet - as many as you can! In my son's bedroom, I had multiple shelves built with just a short rod below one of them for the few clothes he hangs. Boy, has that storage been a Godsend!

Small Basement Living Room
Mancave, or Rec Room Ideas

* Create just one focal point - such as a wide screen TV, and then adapt seating to face that.

* Consider a wrap around couch that provides a lot of seating but doesn't clutter the look of your small space.

* The fewer the large furniture items in your small room, the bigger it will look.

----> Store things neatly and avoid clutter to keep from that claustrophobic feeling! For Part 2, go to More Small Basement Ideas!

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