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Because alternative energies are a fast advancing technology, it sometimes seems intimidating to those trying to keep up with all the important ones. The truth is, only a few of the current facts are relevant to the average person looking into using solar energy as a means for powering their home.


One of the most important facts most people consider when installing a solar energy system is the cost. This is often the deciding factor in whether or not you will install a system. When considering price only, many people overlook the massive benefits and credits involved.

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Solar Tax Credits

First, the federal government offers impressive incentives, including tax breaks to those who purchase alternative energy systems.

The tax credits are offered on all qualifying systems, either photovoltaic or for water heating, and usually equal about 30% of the total cost of the system, although there is a cap.

In addition to the federal credits, many local governments also offer incentives, although these vary widely by state and county. You may also want to check with your local utility company and other businesses in the area to see what bonuses, discounts, and incentives are offered.

Residential Solar Energy Efficiency

If you have decided on solar, energy efficiency is another important factor. Major appliances, light bulbs, windows, and even the insulation in your walls all come in energy efficient models to reduce the amount of power used daily in the home. Checking your home for any cracks or leaks and repairing them will reduce the energy used even more.

If you’re want to know solar energy facts about the system themselves, you’ll need to research a bit on the particular solar kit or install you have your eye on. Tax credits are easy to find information about. Picking the right system is vital and depends not only on your budget, but also on the space you have to work with, and what you want the system to accomplish.

First, do you want to use solar energy efficiency to power your whole home or are you simply interested in installing a water heating system? How much energy do you need to generate? Do you have enough room to install all of the necessary components including panels, battery backups, and the conversion system?

Pick the system that is right for you and your needs and don’t be afraid to ask an expert. The company that installs your system will offer consultations, explanations, and suggestions. Listen and examine each option. When you pick a system, make sure it will qualify for the tax credits and other incentives you plan to apply for, and you’re all set.

Home Solar Energy Recap

All of the solar energy facts available to the public today can seem intimidating. Focus on those that apply to your situation and leave the rest for a different time.

Consider incentives, the energy efficiency of your home, and what you want the system to do. Don’t get bogged down with statistics and scientific terms and you will be able to narrow down your options and choose the best system for your needs with confidence.

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