Have You Considered
Solar Roof Tiles?

When many people picture solar roof tiles, they may immediately think of those huge gaudy things that stick up off the roof and become something of an eyesore to the neighborhood.<

Since most solar panels are installed on the roof, this problem has been an unavoidable circumstance of the homeowner’s desire to save money and decrease their carbon footprint.

Thankfully, engineers and scientists have been hard at work not only to improve efficiency and energy conversion rates of the panels, but also to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Solar shingles are a relatively new design of solar
panels that do not stick up off the roof.

Instead, these panels are interlocking and designed to fit the contours of the roof just as a regular shingle would. With the fit and the unobtrusive color, the panels can be installed on any roof without causing a big distraction to the neighbors or embarrassment to the owners.

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Solar Roof Tiles:
Is the Weight A Problem?

One problem solar tiles have caused in the past was structural insufficiency due to the weight. Solar panels are traditionally somewhat heavy, requiring work to be done to the roof to reinforce it, and sometimes preventing the installation entirely.

The new solar shingles are a lighter weight panel that allows for more panels on the roof and for systems to be installed on houses that could not support the heavier, bulkier panels of the past.

Solar Energy Facts:
Longevity and Replacement

Solar energy’s dirty little secret is that the panels do not last forever. As often as this energy option is discussed, the life expectancy is rarely brought up, and few consider what they will do when the system needs repair. When a solar panel does need to be replaced, a total replacement of the entire panel is usually required.


The solar roof tiles of today, because they are so small and interlock together, allow only the defective piece
to be removed, making the process
much easier and cost effective.


If you add in the fact that these tiles last substantially longer than the older panels, they begin to look even more likely to be the best option, but the best is yet to come.

These solar shingles snap together right on top of the roof of the house, covering it and protecting it from the elements. So, not only does the homeowner save money on the installation and the electric bills, but roof repairs are needed less often, creating even more in savings.

Solar Shingles Lifespan

The lifespan of solar roof tiles can be as much as 30 years.

The cost benefits, aesthetics, and efficiency of the tiles make the investment one that is well worth the price, especially for those already considering making the switch to clean energy alternatives. Beauty and easy installation and maintenance have made solar energy more attractive than ever.

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