Sustainable Green Buildings:
What, Where and Top Tips for How

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Sustainable green buildings aren't just for big corporations anymore - normal people like you and me can use eco building products that are both safe and affordable.

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Where Do I Find Sustainable Green Products For My Home?

Now that sustainable products are lower in cost than they used to be and are becoming more mainstream, you may find many products at your local home improvement store. For instance, if you are remodeling your home or a room in it, you might opt for such products as:

• Cork flooring

• Bamboo for various applications

• Natural carpet from recycled materials

• Denim insulation

…..or many other options.

In addition, you might look for recycled or reclaimed wood products, or opt for a used appliance in some cases. Many communities have a type of facility that accepts as well as sells (at a low cost) such items as:


Kitchen and Bath Cabinets


• Faucets, Toilets, Sinks

• Furniture

And much more.

Many items can be repurposed for your particular use. In our community we have what is called the Salvation Army Restore where such products can be found. You might also check Craigslist for used or extra products for sale by owner.

Keep in mind that you will want low emitting products for use in your home. This is because formaldehyde resin, often found in glue in items such as cabinetry and furniture products, is quite toxic to breathe and can create health issues. Older products may have already out gassed this chemical, and some companies tout a formaldehyde-free product.

Look for a low or no VOC paint for your next painting project, and ask for a low emitting carpet adhesive for your recycled (preferably non-toxic) carpeting needs.

Tips for Top Performance

If you’re planning to complete a big remodel or build a new home, consider a consulting appointment with a green architect, designer, or builder. They not only know the ramifications of using certain materials, they can also likely procure professional discounts on the products you will need for your build.

It could well be that you can defray much of the cost of their help by the savings you will reap from the discounts they can get for you.

Why Sustainable Green Buildings?

In addition to safety considerations, you may qualify for a number of tax credits and savings on a state or national level. You will likely save on electricity and energy costs, provide a healthier environment for your family, and help to preserve our beautifully created, marvelous ecosystem.

Before you begin, put your plan in place. Whether you are building or remodeling your dream green home, planning is essential and will save you a lot of headache and oversights down the road.

Ask yourself questions like:

* What sustainable building products can I use in which areas?

* Are they available locally?

* What are the potential costs?

* How much energy will be saved, and when will I recoup my cost of the product?

Building and remodeling is exciting, and your dreams of the finished product can be inspiring.

Don’t settle for unhealthy, run-of-the-mill products – choose sustainable green buildings and enjoy your great looking project knowing you are providing the best for your family and respecting the environment at the same time.


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