Tile Fireplace Surround

Thinking about a tile fireplace surround? Just as it sounds, a “surround” is the decorative area that surrounds the fireplace – top and sides, hearth and even the mantel.

You can transform the entire look of your fireplace by changing the materials, adding to the décor, or including special features such as mirrors, columns, or focal point lighting.

Tile is popular not only in the kitchen, bath and entryways, but also in the fireplace surround. You will often find the bigger tiles used for this purpose – 8 or even 12 inches – as they add a dignified and textured look to the centerpiece of your room.

Some people have a creative bent and delight in designing their own decorative patterns using ceramic tile. This is quite doable as well.

Fireplace Surround Design

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What if you aren’t much into designing from scratch, but you don’t want to hire a professional to create it for you? Well in this case, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are now do it yourself kits available for putting together your own dreamy surround.

Keep an eye out for the innovative interchangeable kits as well – these provide the option to switch out several different materials, such as ceramic, marble, or even mirrors shaped into tile form. In this way, you can quickly change the look of your fireplace surround design and feel as if you just purchased a new unit!

Keep in mind that you’ll want to be happy with the way your surround of choice will look with the mantel, trim, and glass door of your fireplace. It’s a good idea to take a photo to the store with you if you are choosing your own diy kit to update the look of your unit.

Enjoy planning for the fire of your dreams!

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