Tile Flooring:
Pros and Cons

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You are probably aware of how popular tile flooring has become - especially for new home building and remodeling.

Many in the real estate field believe it adds increased value to the appraisal of the home.

And it certainly is beautiful!

There are many types of floor tile from which to choose, and prices will vary. If you can find a local supplier, you will potentially save a bundle on shipping charges in addition to conserving resources.

Floor Tile Benefits

  • Durable

  • Easy Cleaning/Maintenance

  • Maintains beauty of appearance
    (particularly when glazed)

  • Non toxic
    (if non toxic tile grout is used)

  • Excellent for use with radiant floor heating

Tile Floor Drawbacks

It's too bad that a product so beautiful has any drawbacks! But there are a few, and you'll want to take them into consideration before you make your final flooring decision.

Here are some tile cons:

  • Colder underfoot
    (especially in cold weather)

  • May chip or break

  • May be slippery
    (especially when wet)

  • No sound-dampening qualities
    (the addition of rugs may help)

  • Less comfortable when standing for longer periods

Tile has gained a large following particularly for its use in bathrooms.
It is not damaged by water (if glazed or sealed) and it looks phenomenal.
It is also considered a green product since it is made with clay, shale or recycled glass.

The coolness of tile can actually be another benefit, particularly in the heat of summer. In the winter, you can easily slip on a pair of fuzzy slippers, socks, or house shoes so it is not uncomfortable underfoot.

Tile is also placed in many kitchens, laundry areas and hallways. Some even choose to tile throughout the entire home.

This flooring choice is one you'll likely want to have on your list of possible options. Enjoy narrowing down your decisions for your dream home!

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