Tiny House Floor Plans

tiny house floor plans,small inexpensive house

Are you considering tiny house floor plans and ideas? This is a small idea that is gaining a big following in these economic days and times. Why is there such an interest in plans for small inexpensive homes?

There are a number of reasons, but some of the most popular reasons are the following:

* Tougher economic times
* Downsizing
(moving into a smaller, but adequate home to save money)
* Simplifying your life and getting rid of excess possessions
* Living inexpensively while building a new home

Tiny homes are everywhere in many other countries, but those in more developed nations are typically used to a lot more space and a lot more "stuff' than our foreign, less fortunate human counterparts.

Little House Plans

Little house plans also appeal to folks who view the outdoors as an extended living area. Those who spend a lot of time outdoors may feel like they don't need a huge living area when they don't spend all that much time indoors anyway.

When you consider that tiny house floor plans save money not only in construction costs, but in ongoing costs and maintenance (electric bills are a fraction of the cost with a little house), the idea becomes more appealing on many levels.

When you scan through the above list, do any of these common reasons for moving into a small, inexpensive home appeal to you?

Features of Tiny House Floor Plans

Although you can plan for just about any feature you desire (besides big, sprawling rooms, of course), there are several features of small homes which you will likely find, regardless of where you are looking.

* Double Duty furniture

A kitchen table that folds out into a bed at night? Think camper-like features and you'll have a better idea of what you might find in a small home.

* Shower (instead of a bathtub)

* Small bathroom

* More double duty rooms

* Creative (although limited) storage

Check out this video about creative ways families are discovering to save big money:

Take some time and peruse some pictures of little houses - perhaps you'll find reason enough to simplify, plan, and live without excess so you can free up funds for reasons other than your mortgage payment. In fact, the more you save, the more you'll have to give others.

And that's a pretty good reason to consider it if you haven't accumulated enough other reasons!

Of course, not everyone will want or need little house plans - but if you are considering it, you're in plenty of good company!

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