Types of Insulation

There are several types of insulation available today with various advantages and disadvantages of each.

The primary purpose of insulation is to provide a "blanket" of material to increase the thermal resistance (or R value) of your home's structure. The higher the R-value, the less energy you will lose through the walls, ceilings and floors of your home.

Just as a coat keeps you warm in the winter, so insulation can keep your home warm in the cold seasons. But insulation has another advantage - it will also lower cooling bills in the summer, since it will make your house more energy efficient regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Insulation Materials

Just as there are numerous varieties of insulation, there are also different insulation materials. These various materials may be found in several types of insulation.

For example, fiberglass insulation may be purchased in the form of batts, spray on, or enclosed (such as encapsulated batts or rolls).

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Insulation Types

types of insulation,insulation materials

The most common insulation types are the following:
  • Blanket (batt and roll insulation)
    This insulation is also commonly called rolled insulation or batt insulation and may also be nicknamed roll insulation.

  • Spray on
    This kind of insulation may also be called simply spray insulation, or even spray in insulation.

  • Foam
    This has several subcategories.
    One of the most popular is expanding foam insulation.
    Foam is also available in spray form, or in board form, often called rigid foam insulation or foam board insulation.

  • Bubble
    This kind of insulation is often reflective with a foil facing. It is sometimes used as a radiant barrier in addition to its insulating qualities.

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