Ventless Gas Fireplace

ventless gas fireplace

What exactly is a ventless gas fireplace? As it sounds, this is a fireplace installed in a home that doesn’t require a vent, chimney or flue to operate. Because of this, they can be put just about anywhere in the home. Ventless fireplaces are extremely popular in the U.S.

Why might you want to consider purchasing a ventless gas fireplace? There are several reasons you may opt for this type of unit. For one, most do not require electricity, so they can be an excellent source of “insurance” that you won’t freeze if the power goes out because of storms or unforeseen circumstances.

Indoor Air Quality
With A Ventless Gas Fireplace

Another reason is that many people are concerned about their indoor air quality.

Units manufactured today operate within nationally recommended standards for air quality since gas does emit combustible by products. The main combustible by-products from gas include nitrogen dioxide, water vapor (humidity), carbon dioxide, oxygen and of course, carbon monoxide.

Research conducted by the American Gas Association division ( points to low emission levels of these combustible byproducts that can harm air quality. Still, if you are sensitive to chemicals or petroleum, you may want to ask further questions about any possible odors you may encounter.

Fortunately for the consumer, for the past 30+ years, vent-free heat producing appliances have been fitted with oxygen detecting safety pilot lights. This technology adds to the safety of the appliances by automatically shutting off if the level of oxygen in the room drops to 18%. At this level, the production of carbon monoxide can shoot up, creating extreme danger.

Consumers can breathe easier knowing there is an additional safety measure in place to insure that oxygen levels are adequate.

In the past there have been many questions about the potential long-term effects of gas emissions from ventless appliances on indoor air quality. So in 1995, the Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance of the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (otherwise known as the gas product alliance) decided to study indoor air quality specifically related to vent-free gas heating appliances that operate in the home.

Results released showed that these products actually meet or even exceed nationwide standards as well as guidelines for indoor air quality.


So do your homework, check for local guidelines as far as what is permissible in your home, and enjoy the beauty and warmth your fireplace can bring.

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