Vinyl Siding Styles:
The Sky is the Limit!

vinyl siding styles,types of vinyl siding

Vinyl siding styles are in high demand given the low maintenance, cost effective option of vinyl for home exteriors. The following is just a sampling of the wide variety of styles available today.

Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding

Cedar shakes have always been popular. What is not enticing is that they are high-maintenance, inviting to termites , and expensive. Cedar shake vinyl shingles are a vinyl siding style
that provides an answer to those issues.

Lap Vinyl Siding

This is probably the most common type of vinyl siding. Designed to look like clapboard or wood boards from a distance, this product comes in a variety of colors. It can look like freshly painted wood - without the paint, the labor, or the insect concerns.

Seamless Vinyl Siding

Seamless Vinyl Siding styles provides numerous advantages to the homeowner, according to websites who advertise the product. It can be 3 times longer than typical siding, which gives it a more natural wood grain appeal. The Infinity brand of seamless vinyl siding claims that is is anchored, not hung. They also say it is 50% thicker than traditional vinyl, it is safer than steel (no need to ground it),
and it exceeds impact standards by 198%.

Types of Vinyl Siding

The vinyl siding market has expanded into many refined selections of products in response to the inherent weaknesses of the original siding.

Among these are the following:

  • Insulated Siding
    The original types of vinyl siding are poor in terms of insulation value. Now insulated siding has been introduced. This is vinyl siding with a foam insulation backing which provides a much higher R-Value than the earlier products.

    According to one of the websites explaining this type of vinyl siding, it can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%, it is Energy Star qualified (some brands), it meets the standards of the EPA and the Department of Energy, and it has a 50 year or more warranty. It will also lay flatter than the lightweight plastic only, and should slow air infiltration. Compare any brand you may consider with these claims and look for a superior warranty at a cost you can live with.

  • Solid Core Vinyl Siding
    This is widely available in the U.S. - even Home Depot carries it!
    Among the proclaimed benefits:
    ~ Imitates "wood look" more realistically
    ~ Greater impact resistance
    ~ Is not prone to rattle as much
    ~ Has a greater insulation R-value
    ~ May reduce noise inside the home

  • Premium Vinyl Siding
    This type of vinyl siding is considered to be the "pure" virgin vinyl product... scraps are not reground to create new material which may be variable in color or consistency. It also offers greater protection against winds. It is more durable than the basic vinyl product, and can have an elegant look. Although you can expect to pay more for this product, several companies claim you will not pay a "premium" price for this premium vinyl.

    Do your homework in regards to the type and style of siding you consider, as well as comparing the features and benefits. There are so many to consider!

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