Walk Out Basement:
Value, Options and Ideas

Walk out basements are becoming more and more popular for numerous reasons. As with all of the basement types, a walk out basement may be finished or unfinished.

("Finished" means that the walls, ceiling and floors have a completed look - for example, drywall to create dividers in the space, a drywall or dropped ceiling, and perhaps a carpeted, laminated or other type of flooring.)

A walkout basement is just what is sounds like. There is a separate entrance from outside the home (as well as inside), and one can simply walk into or out of the basement from that entry.

walkout basement, walk out basement

Walk-out basements can have plenty of daylight in the areas facing the entry. Quite often, you may not realize you are even IN a basement because the lighting reflects what you might expect on the other levels of the home. For areas not exposed to the window lighting, one can add bright lighting to make up for the darker rooms (located in the underground portion).

Walk out basements work especially well on a sloped lot, since less digging will be required. This lay of the land is ideal when considering a walk-out basement.

These basements can also be built on a flat lot, but there will be more labor involved, and grading will be more expensive.

However, do not be quick to discount a walk out basement, even in this scenario. You may be more than willing to put out a little more money upfront so that you can reap the benefits of extra living space for years to come.

Walk Out Basement Options

Walk out basements can be transformed into just about anything your mind can conceive. What some consider wasted space or 'the junk dump' can be transformed into numerous living spaces that can not only increase your usable space, but perhaps even bring in some needed income!

Options for basements include renting a room, creating a studio for teaching or business use, organized storage and many other ideas.

See this dreamlist options for basements to get more ideas rolling for how you would like to transform your current or future basement space.
Are you concerned about how chemicals in your home (and basement) affect your health? Do you wish you knew of safer alternatives?

Do you have a problem with skyrocketing power bills and wonder how you can save energy and money?

This site has valuable information that can help you as you Dream Green - in your current as well as your future home. I

Why I LOVE Walk Out Basements

I am somewhat partial to walk-out basements since I have owned one. Only one room of the basement was finished when purchased, but we went on to finish nearly the entire basement. It now has a finished foyer, with sliding doors leading to the laundry area (easily closed off when people come inside). This led to the waiting area, which had a couch, chairs, the piano (to teach my music students), and a table with numerous books and materials that parents and students may find of interest.

The hallway led to my teen son's bedroom on the right. At the end of the hall to the left, is my teaching studio. It is underground, but has numerous bright can lights (recessed) so it is a light, cheery place with yellow walls and a white ceiling. There is a storage closet off of this room which holds the water heater. There is also a small bathroom that was recently finished so that parents and students need not walk up through the house to use the restroom.

This small half bath was also handy for my son to use for his morning routine, so my teen daughter had "her" bathroom (on the main level) to herself for the most part.

Because of the insulation from the surrounding ground, the basement is surprisingly energy efficient. It stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than the rest of the house. When more warmth is desired, a small space heater can make a room toasty warm in a matter of minutes.

* Walkouts present numerous advantages
to the homeowner.

Seriously consider your options of adding a basement such as this - if it is feasible in your locale.

What kind of basement foundation options are right for you?

Which type of home foundation should you choose? Check out the links for a complete overview of your available choices.

Above all, enjoy the journey while you research all of the options available to you!

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