Water Heater Insulation

water heater insulation,how to save energy

Did you know that water heater insulation can save you a chunk of money off of your water heating costs each and every month?

A government website, energysavers.gov, claims that adding this type of insulation with an R-value of at least 24 to an electric water heater, can save you between 4 and 9 percent in the cost of your water heating!

Since this type of insulation is relatively inexpensive, costs are typically recouped in about a year or even less.

Want to save even more? Consider adding some rigid foam insulation to the bottom of your water heater - ideally, when it is first installed - and increase your savings by yet another 4-9%!

Time It And Save More!

Water heater timers are easy to find - and pretty simple to set up. Choose to set up your heater to come on during off-peak hours. The insulation you have just installed will keep your tank warm during the times that the heater is not on. You just might be amazed at the additional savings.

Is Water Heater Insulation
A Difficult Or Easy Project?

Fortunately, it's pretty simple if you own an electric heater (the most popular). It's really simple if you opt to buy pre-cut insulation in which to firmly wrap your heater. Be sure you get at least an R-value of 8. The higher the R-value, the warmer and more effective the insulation.

Things to remember:
* Be certain you don't set your thermostat higher than 130 degrees. This is for a dual purpose - you don't want the wires to become too hot, and you won't want you or your children to burn hands or other body parts with water that is way too hot.

* Gas and oil powered water heaters require a layer of expertise to insulate - don't try to do this yourself.

* Be sure to leave enough room to be able to get to your access panel. You don't want to cover this up at all.

So, do yourself a favor. Give your trusted water heater its own "coat" for the winter (as well as all of the other seasons) and stop burning those hard earned dollars that you could keep safely in your wallet. Try this and then calculate your savings - you just might be very surprised.

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