Ways To Go Green:
3 Easy Options

Ways to go green – are they difficult? Will they really make that much of a difference? Your options are many – feel free to pick and choose according to what you feel you can do right now.

Don’t get hung up on the “right” or wrong reasons to go green – those can range from protecting the earth that was created for us – to wanting to improve the health of your family. Your reasons might differ from someone else’s. That’s ok – just choose what’s good for you.

Bag It Up

Here are some easy ways to go green. Have you opted for the “plastic or paper” choice the grocery store cashier offers you each week? Which is the better option?

Well, it’s actually sort of a trick question – neither, really! Both types can be harmful to the health of your environment.

Paper is made from trees, and trees are vital for the health of our air supply. Of course, recycle these whenever possible. But the finest option may be the cloth bags that can be used again and again. There are many retailers that are selling these bags very inexpensively now.

Green Cleaning Products

green cleaners picture,green cleaning products,ways to go green

A huge area of potential harm for both people and pets are the products we use for cleaning.

There are multiple toxins in standard cleaning products that hurt the environment as well as humans. Nobody wants to harm his or her family members or pets.

There are more and more companies now which are making green cleaning products that are safe and toxin-free. These non-toxic cleaning products have all natural ingredients that are not harmful.

Just Trash It?

recycle picture,ways to go green

A hot topic today is the subject of waste disposal. Did you know that everything we pitch into the can ends up in our landfills?

Numerous products can take literally years or decades to break down. But we can help minimize the problem by recycling what we can.

Much of our trash can be made into other products, and can not only end up saving us money, but protecting our environment as well. This is probably one of the most popular ways you can go green.

Can I Really Make A Difference?

If you have a recurring thought that your effort won’t make any difference, just remember these 3 easy “get started” ways to go green. Even if you simply pick one option to start with, that’s a lot better than doing nothing.

So where will you start? With bags, trash recycling, and/or cleaning products?

If each of us would start with just one action – and then repeat that action along with adding others as we can, the world can be a safer place for our families and friends. What are your favorite ways to green your life?

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