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How To Choose What's Right For You
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In this wind power turbine hub, you'll learn all kinds of things you didn't know before.

For instance, did you know that wind energy is a type of solar energy?

It sure is!

Find out more below about windy ways to save on energy costs.

Residential Wind Turbines
Find out more about this alternative energy and the basic of how they operate. Whether harnessing enough electricity for a city or for just your home, these power packed contraptions are worth a second look.

Home Wind Turbines
This is part II of the exploration of this home energy source. How do these windmills (or turbines) work? Are they environmentally safe? Click the link above for more pros and cons of home wind turbines!

These "new kids on the block" are more popular than you might think.

Horizontal Wind Turbines
Here's a close look at the efforts to overcome the disadvantages of the "eggbeater" type windmills. Whether you are a homeowner or are considering installation as a wind farm - is horizontal right for you?

Is a horizontal shape better than vertical for residential home use? Here's what you need to know about the design before you make your install.

Build Your Own Wind Turbine
Are you a dyed in the wool do-it-yourself-er? If so, you'll want to check out this page on building your own wind turbine! You'll want to keep in mind several key factors, such as positioning, aerodynamic modeling, shape and length of blades, and more.

You'll find basic design information for a DIY wind power turbine, plus where you can go for more help.

In these days, it's important to search for ways to take advantage of the natural energy that God has created in the world around us. Consider wind, solar and other ways to save energy in your own home and backyard.

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