Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Wood burning fireplace inserts can be a great idea for your home for several reasons. We’ll focus on three in particular here.

What is a fireplace insert? Inserts are designed for placement into a masonry fireplace that is pre-existing – in other words, you already have a fireplace, but perhaps it is older or not very efficient.

A fireplace insert can increase your heat output, reduce pollutants, and increase energy efficiency for your fireplace.

How Wood Burning
Fireplace Inserts Work

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Woodburning inserts contain what is called a firebox, which is surrounded by a shell constructed of steel.

Here’s how it works: The air from your living space enters into this steel enclosure and then radiating heat from the fire heats up that air, which in turn is sent circulating back into your home.

This prevents a common problem in masonry fireplaces – much of the heat escaping to the outdoors.

What are the Benefits of An Insert?

3 positive reasons to consider a fireplace insert:
• Energy Efficiency
• More heat
• Reduced pollution

A wood burning fireplace insert is more energy efficient because it burns more cleanly, thus allowing you to get more heat from every log you burn. This can save you money if you purchase your wood, or save you time and effort if you are providing your own fuel.

An insert will provide more heat because of the ability to limit what goes up and out your chimney. More heat from the same amount of fire will give you additional warmth, and allow you to use less electrical heat to supplement or back up your fireplace.

Reduced pollution is also very important to people – particularly if there is sensitivity to smoke and smells. Because the box is enclosed, the amount of smoke that gets into the air is likely to be drastically reduced.

In addition, you can choose any of a number of faceplates that can add just the perfect touch to your décor. Check into a log burning fireplace insert for your home – you may be surprised at just how much they add to your living space.

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