Wood Burning Fireplace

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Ahhh, the sensory delight of a wood burning fireplace is hard to beat. Perhaps it brings back memories of your own childhood or of “Little House On The Prairie” days.

There’s nothing quite like it if you love the sights and sounds of a real fire. The logs crackle in the heat, the flames sway and dance for your entertainment and relaxation, and of course, the smoky smell of wood burning is unmistakable.

If you are fortunate enough to live on land that has many trees – particularly if there are older trees that are beginning to die off, you have ready fuel available in your own backyard, so to speak.

Self Sufficiency

Of course, there will be more upkeep with a wood model than you would expect from an electrical or gas version, but even this is appealing to many people.

The thought of being self-sufficient – of cutting, hauling, and stacking logs from their own land (or from their own efforts), and then building and maintaining the heat producing fire can bring as much enjoyment to some folks as just simply watching the flames brings pleasure to others.

Styles and Options

Wood burning fireplaces come in many styles, from many-sided glass covered, to high energy efficient, to radiant, and offer a multitude of options from which to choose.

If you have toured several newly built homes lately, you may have even seen one of the new see-through fireplaces! Add to this your choices of décor and mantels, and you can design the fireplace of your dreams!

Advantages of A Wood Burning Fireplace

Besides the aesthetic and energy saving reasons folks might want to buy a wood-burning fireplace, it also comes in really handy during bad weather and in the event of a power outage.

If your particular fireplace can run safely without electricity for a period of time (ask the manufacturer), this is an ideal solution to prevent freezing in the cold without heat. Many families with young children especially want to plan ahead to be certain that unforeseen circumstances and weather do not threaten their safety.

Do your research, and I recommend you have a professional install your unit to be certain it meets all code requirements. Keep up with the maintenance on your unit for safety and efficiency purposes, and enjoy your time in front of your new fireplace!

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