Wood Burning Fireplaces

Most people likely envision wood burning fireplaces as old or newer masonry structures like they or their grandparents had in their homes in the “good old days.”

While these are still being built, there are also newer, more energy efficient wood burning units, which are factory built and have some advantages over the typical “open burn” fires we tend to imagine.

There are clean burning units as well as EPA-certified, which means they meet the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency, and have limited pollution compared to a traditional type of fireplace.

Focus On Your Focal Point

Your fireplace will most likely be the highlight of your living area, so be sure to do your homework to choose the features that are right for you.

Many folks are opting for the clean burn or EPA certified units, because of increased energy efficiency, less pollution, and more warmth than you would expect from a traditional fireplace.

These newer wood burning fireplaces are true closed combustion systems – meaning that the glass doors in front of the unit are closed during the fire. The fireplaces you likely remember are open combustion, thus giving off more pollution and conserving less heat in your room.

Advantage Of Wood

Wood can be an advantage over electricity because it can be available during power outages. It can also cut down on electric supplemental heat, and wood may be readily available in your area. Wood burning units also have the option of using manufactured logs if desired.

Codes, Costs and Comfort

Be sure to have a certified professional install your fireplace to be sure it meets all local and national code requirements. Also be certain to schedule an annual sweep of your chimney to prevent creosote from building up and causing a fire in your chimney.

In addition to the cost of your unit, you will need to add to the budget the cost to build a chimney, have the fireplace delivered (or built), installation, the cost (of effort and/or money) for fuel, and any maintenance costs.

There’s nothing like the soothing aroma and crackling sound of an authentic wood burning fire. Imagine stretching out on the couch in front of your cozy fire and reading a good book in a warm, inviting room. Enjoy!

Source: HPBA.org

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