Wood Fireplace Mantels

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Probably still the most popular choice; wood fireplace mantels are typically the shelf of a fireplace that sits several feet above the firebox. If you hear the term “mantelpiece”, it is referring to the framing of the fireplace, which includes the mantelshelf itself.

These are popular with masonry fireplaces as well – in a previous home, a stone structure was highlighted by a huge, thick, wooden mantel that sported decorations that were fitting, such as brass deer figurines, pinecones, greenery, and the like. It was interesting to vary the décor according to the season, and the area itself made a magnificent backdrop to many family portraits.

Sizes and Wood Types

You can expect most mantels to range between 10 and 20 inches in depth. You may opt for a prefabricated wood shelf, or a rough-hewn one. Wood options are numerous, including the ever popular oak, birch, maple, pine, cherry, or stain it with your own choice of color.

Real-World Enjoyment!

My current wood fireplace mantel is from a prefab do-it-yourself kit from a local home improvement store. It is plainly elegant, and has a column-like feature as the frame, with a simple mantel above. It is the perfect home for a small set of snow covered village buildings, with children playing on their sleds and carolers singing nearby (in figurine form, of course).

Above this is a breathtaking painting by Thomas Kincade (The Painter of Light), which is centered perfectly over the fireplace area. It provides a riveting focal point for visitors and family alike who visit or sit to relax in my small living room.

Look around at fireplaces in stores, online, and in magazines to get an idea of what setup you would most prefer. Then decide if you want to hire a professional designer or simply pick it out or do it yourself.

You will enjoy your decorative wood fireplace mantel for years to come with some thought and preparation towards that dream place of warmth in your home.

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