Wood Fireplace Surround:
What Is It?

A wood fireplace surround is the area that surrounds the actual firebox – such as the sides, top (including the mantel), trim, and even the hearth. Since fireplaces have traditionally been wood burning, this choice of material is popular and well liked across a wide spectrum.

And no wonder, because the choices for wood trim and décor are amazingly wide.

What Is Your Preferred
Choice of Wood?

Choose your preferred wood based on the mood you would like to create in your room. Oak is a very popular choice. If you have oak floors in your living area, this would provide a beautiful complement to your flooring. Plain pine and the lighter colored birch give a more pioneer feel to your focal point.

Cherry, though probably more expensive, adds a layer of sophistication to your fireplace design. Of course, staining any type of wood is also an option and opens up a myriad of color choices to you.

In addition, don’t forget about the option of painting the wood as well. My fireplace has a mantel and surround painted white with decorative carvings in the wood – from a do-it-yourself kit – and is elegant in its simplicity.

Marvelous Magnificent Materials

Of course, you can add other materials for a unique decorative element to your fireplace as well – such as stone, marble, tiles, mirrors, columns, and even focal point lighting if you wish.

Your only limitation is your imagination! Check out your local home improvement store for do it yourself ideas as well – if that is appealing to you. Some kits even allow interchangeable materials so you can change the design whenever it suits your fancy!

Enjoy your wood fireplace surround and whatever décor you choose to highlight it. The warmth of wood will never go out of style.

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