Wood Shingles:
Pros and Cons

Wood shingles come in two basic varieties: smooth sawn, and split style often called "shakes". Cedar shakes are one of the more common types of this textured product.

Shakes tend to be more widely popular than the smooth-sawn variety.

cedar shake shingles, wood shingles

These types of shingles CAN have a long life, but proper installation is critical. If improperly installed, they may have to be replaced sooner than cheap composition shingles!

Cons of Wood Roofing

You'll want to consider the drawbacks of this type of roofing before making your final decision. If you will be living in a subdivision or other area where you are restricted by certain regulations, be sure to find out if it is even an option for you.

Some cons include:

* It is expensive

* May possibly raise home insurance costs because of increased fire threat

* Cedar shingles (although beautiful) have such a strong odor that chemically sensitive people may not be able to tolerate them (Redwood has a less strong odor).

* Pine shingles are less expensive, but have chemicals
in them to prevent rot.

Rain water can leach these chemicals out of the wood and into your yard and garden areas, polluting the environments of humans, foliage, and wildlife.

* Special underlayment is required for wood roofs.

Wood shingles can be problematic in regards to fire hazards,
algae, insect damage, and extremes in humidity.

There are new products being developed that claim to have the beauty of wood without the drawbacks.

If you love the look but don't want to invite the headaches, you may want to consider one of these newer, innovative products.

Because other products may have a better built in "waterproofing" element, you may want to take a look. Hardiplank siding, for example, looks a lot like wood, but with fewer drawbacks.

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