Wood Siding:
Clapboard, Logs and Shakes

Wood siding has a long and colorful history. Because of the abundance of trees in time past, most homes were built with logs or clapboard and framed with wood as well. Even furniture was rough-hewn in the olden days.

Following are some of the various types:

  • Log Siding

  • Clapboard Siding
    Also known as lap siding or weather board, this is popular in New England architectural styles of homes. Because of its popularity, it is also being sold in an imitation vinyl product.

  • Cedar Shake Siding
    One of the most striking types of siding is cedar shake. It is more resistant to insects than many other softwoods, but it does have a distinctive odor. Some people love to smell it, but others are sensitive to it. If you consider this wood (inside or out) you'll want to test a sample to see if you can tolerate it.

  • Wood Shakes
    Wood shakes can be made from a variety of woods. It is similar in looks to wood shingles.

  • Engineered Wood Siding
    Also called LP Siding, this product is a relative newcomer to the siding scene. Designed to last longer than traditional wood, some types can be purchased with the color throughout, cutting down on the maintenance required.

Cons of Wood as an Exterior Material

Despite its natural appeal and warm look, wood does have its drawbacks.
Among them are:

* Requires more maintenance than most siding

* Requires treatment every few years

* Inviting to Insects (ants and termites )

* Paints and Stains used to preserve and protect wood can be toxic

* Insulation and structural support are minimal

Some of the newer engineered products may address some of these issues. Some claim their product is much less expensive than the real wood product.

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